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Welcome to the St. Luke United Church of Christ Blog!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023


Hello and welcome, dear friends and community members, to the inaugural post of St. Luke United Church of Christ's official blog! We're so excited to embark on this digital journey with you, and we're grateful that you've taken a moment to check out what we have to say. This blog will serve as an online sanctuary, where we can share our thought, community happenings, and, of course, the Word of God.



Who We Are

For those who are new here, St. Luke United Church of Christ is more than just a place of worship. We are a vibrant community committed to living out the teachings of Jesus Christ through social justice, compassion, and boundless love for all. Located in Beecher, Illinois, we strive to be a sanctuary for everyone, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.

What to Expect

Through this blog, we aim to:

  • Share sermons and scriptural interpretations for deeper understanding.

  • Highlight community events, projects, and opportunities for engagement.

  • Offer spiritual guidance and insights that resonate with current issues.

  • Provide updates on charitable works and how you can contribute.

  • Celebrate life's significant moments--baptisms, weddings, and other ceremonies.

Get Involved

We are an ever-evolving community, always eager to hear what you have to say. Whether it's your reflections on a recent sermon, or ideas on how we can serve the community better, we welcome your input.

Submit a Guest Post

Have something on your mind that aligns with the ethos of our community? We would love to hear from you!

Community Spotlight

Know someone doing great work in the community? Nominate them for a profile on our blog!

Prayer Requests

In times of need, it's always comforting to know someone is praying for you. Share your prayer requests so that we can support you spiritually. But please remember that our blog is open to the public--so please do not share anything that might violate someone's privacy!

Stay Connected

Don't miss a thing! Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates, or follow us on our social media channels.

Final Thoughts

We're delighted to welcome you to this digital extension of our community. Just like our physical sanctuary, we hope this becomes a place where you can find peace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.

From all of us at St. Luke United Church of Christ, thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

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