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Discover Our Ministries:

Bringing Communities Together

Our ministries are focused on serving others and creating a community of love and support. By joining one of our ministries, you'll have the opportunity to make new connections, build lasting relationships, and make a positive impact in the lives of those around you. Discover your place in spreading God's love with one of our ministries today.

A woman boxes cans of food

Helping those that cannot afford pantry staples.

Our Food Pantry

At St. Luke, we are proud to offer our food pantry to anyone in need. Our pantry is the only one in Beecher, and we make sure it is always stocked with nutritious and delicious foods. We believe that everyone deserves access to healthy meals, and we are committed to helping out those who are struggling. Visit us today and see how we can help.

Comforting Hands

Visiting members that can't leave their home.

Homebound Outreach

Our Homebound Outreach program is designed to connect with those who can't make it to our church services. We visit individuals in their homes or in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and retirement communities to provide spiritual guidance and support. Our compassionate team is dedicated to ensuring that every person in our community feels connected and valued.

The Wider Church:

For those interested in joining St. Luke UCC, the Neighbors in Need initiative serves as a prime example of the church's commitment to social justice and compassionate outreach throughout the United States. One-third of the funds raised are allocated to the Council for American Indian Ministry, while the remaining two-thirds are used by the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries. These funds empower a variety of social justice initiatives, from direct community service to advocacy efforts aimed at systemic change. Contributions to this special mission offering can be made either through an annual collection drive or at any time online.     Efficiency is a hallmark of the Neighbors in Need offering, with nearly 100% of the funds raised going directly to mission projects and programs. The offering is structured to facilitate grants at various levels to meet different needs—from immediate relief like food and clothing distribution to advocacy campaigns and innovative social justice programs. On an annual basis, this initiative successfully raises around a million dollars, significantly impacting various causes.     Decisions regarding the allocation of Neighbors in Need funds are rooted in resolutions passed at the United Church of Christ's biennial General Synod meeting. This ensures alignment with the church's collective values and goals, making it a compelling initiative for those looking to join a faith community deeply committed to social justice and compassionate service.

The Global H.O.P.E. unit is responsible for orchestrating the United Church of Christ's (UCC) aid initiatives for both natural and man-made disasters, not just within the U.S. and its territories but globally as well.       In collaboration with various stakeholders like our Partners in Service, volunteers, local church groups, regional conferences, and strategic alliances—such as a cadre of Conference Disaster Coordinators—UCC Disaster Ministries aims to assist those who are most at-risk. Their efforts are geared towards disaster readiness, pinpointing and addressing gaps in aid, and offering mental and emotional sustenance.     On the national level, the UCC is a participating member of National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster). Through this membership, the UCC collaborates with a diverse range of both large and small organizations, aiming for a comprehensive, community-focused approach to disaster recovery.     On the international front, Global H.O.P.E. fosters direct affiliations and collaborations with various organizations and religious groups capable of effective and appropriate emergency response and long-term assistance. Joshua Baird, who serves as the Team Leader, liaises with Area Executives from Global Ministries and other entities like Church World Service and the ACT Alliance. This network ensures that the UCC is actively involved in financially supporting and standing beside vulnerable communities during periods of upheaval.

If you're considering joining St. Luke UCC, one initiative you'll definitely want to know about is One Great Hour of Sharing. This special offering is part of the United Church of Christ's broader mission to provide love and hope to people in crisis. Together with several other Christian denominations, we pool resources and efforts to offer clean water, food, education, health care, and more to vulnerable populations around the world. Think of it as a collective effort, with each denomination, including us, managing its own contributions. Over half of these funds support international development projects, while the remainder helps refugees, prepares for disasters, and more, both domestically and abroad.     When it comes to how your contributions are used, you'll be happy to know that 95 cents of every dollar go straight to mission work. Only 5 cents are used for interpretation materials, and the minimal administrative costs are covered through other avenues. In 2020, the program saw donations of $1.2 million, a dip from previous years due to the pandemic, but nearly 60% of UCC congregations actively participate annually. So you can rest easy knowing your generous offering has a direct and meaningful impact.     Decisions about how to allocate the funds are taken seriously. Most of the money is earmarked for long-term sustainable development initiatives. These allocations are carefully reviewed and monitored by a leadership committee, ensuring that each dollar is making the most significant possible impact. So, if you're looking to be a part of a church community that's genuinely committed to making a global difference, St. Luke UCC could be the spiritual home you're searching for.

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