We activate our faith by openly living, growing, and sharing in God's Word.

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Since some of us are unable to physically meet, our church still needs your help.

Weekly givings can be mailed in to:
​St. Luke UCC
PO Box 1161
Beecher, IL  60401

You can now Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view Pastor Tom's messages and the entire worship service!

Weekly Givings

St. Luke United Church of Christ

Beecher, IL

Meet the Staff!

Pastor:                                                             Rev. Tom Ewing

Church Council President & Elder:                  Terry Becker

Elders:                                                              Bruce Scheiman

                                                                         Marsha Bachand

                                                                         Rita Dreesen                Church Council Secretary:                               Sue Heusing

Financial Secretary:                                         Rhonda Higgason

Church Treasurer:                                            Barbara Kass

Head Trustee:                                                  Dale Bell

Trustees:                                                          Mike Waterman

                                                                         Patrick Paulmeier

Church Organists:                                            Bonnie Bewsey

                                                                         Joan Ellis

Sunday School Superintendent:                      Georgiana Wiesch

Church Office Secretary:                                  Paula Prium

Sexton:                                                             Betty Loitz

Website/Facebook:                                          Jeanne Wokurka

To contact anyone above, please click here.