Since we are unable to physically meet, our church still needs your help.

Weekly givings can be mailed in to:
​St. Luke UCC
PO Box 1161
Beecher, IL  60401

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Weekly Givings

We activate our faith by openly living, growing, and sharing in God's Word.

​St. Luke United Church of Christ

Beecher, IL

Easter Breakfast - 8 am

Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt

Sunrise Worship Service - 8 am
Regular Timed Worship Service - 10:15 am -
​(Flowering Cross)

​If you and your loved ones are interested in joining us on Easter Sunday, you're truly in for a treat!  Starting at 7:00 am we have a Sunrise Worship Service.  Following that, we enjoy a wonderful Easter Breakfast!  On the tails of breakfast comes an Easter egg hunt for our Sunday School children.  Finally, our regular times Worship service at 10:15 am, where the cross comes to 'life'!  A yearly tradition that beautifies the church and warms the hearts.

For the months of May and June, you can go to The Upper Room website to view the month's inspiration.